Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm 40 today!!!!!

Mom and David

Dad and Pat

Me, Ron and Renita

Mom and me


I have to say it's turning out to be just another day.
How sad is it that it is just another day.
When did that happen? Does that happen when you get older and don't want to face how old you are getting?
I don't know because I am happy with my age. I have gotten to do a lot of cool things in my life. I wouldn't change a thing. Not really.
Oh sure I would love to have children of my own and I would love to be thin again. I would have taken school more seriously and gotten the education I denied myself.
I'm not complaining, really I love my life. Everything that I have done has been part of the plan. Maybe not mine but his and I trust his plan. I wouldn't have met my husband had it not been for a series of events that led me back to this town.
So anyway I just wanted to say Thank you to mom and dad.
You guys have been great!!!:)
Thank you to David and Pat their spouses. Without you guys they really wouldn't know the kind of they love they so deserve.
I love you siblings! Thanks for all the torture and love.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and a wonderful life!

Robin said...

Thank you
I have had a wonderful life and so much more to come

Lisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT BOBBY!!!! Just pretend i just sang the birthday song to you!!! haha Have a great day! I love the earmuff pic!!!

Robin said...

You sang so beautiful I enjoyed it so much.
The earmuff one is hear,see,say no evil.
Thank you very much.

Robin said...

ok we have it hear,say,see.oops

Lisa said...

Anut bobby where have you been? I have missed hearing from you!

Robin said...

I got a job.