Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going off to college

How do you prepare for it?
Whether you are dad, mom or step-parent. It is one of the hardest things as parents that you have to do.
How do you not constantly worry about them? Are they eating right, sleeping enough, enjoying life and still being responsible.
How do you relinquish control? When all you want to do is tie them to the bed. It's hard enough when they learn to drive and they go out by themselves, alone with you not there. Ugh. You listen for sirens until they get home.
What do you do when they go away to college? How do you keep track of them? Of course you don't, but man wouldn't you love to?
Then on the other hand you want them gone. You want them to start there lives to see what kind of person they will become. It's exciting because you have only seen a glimpse of that person. You wonder if they will marry and have kids, whether they will continue to be a good person and make a success of themselves.
Does it make it easier on the parents when the teenager is so casual about leaving or causing a major ruckus? When you don't know whether they have packed everything they are going to need. How do you not march up the stairs and check and recheck their stuff. I have found it very hard not to make a list for him.
It's a control thing I'm sure.
We have 2 days until we go with him to drop him off at college. It's nerve racking. I have been his step-mother since he was 7 and it's killing me. I don't want to let him go. I'm terrified for him and at the same time I'm so excited I could just wet myself.
I wish him the best of luck in his chosen field and I hope he has a fulfilling life.


Lisa said...

awww my heart goes out to you! Just pray that you have done your best to prepare him for every moment that he might face! Honestly you probably don't want to know everything that goes on at college....even if they are a really good kid! All you can do is pray for him every day that he makes wise choices. And no matter how much you want to do things for him, trust that God will take care of him.

Robin said...

Thank you
He is a good kid.
No I don't think I do want to know.
I trust him and God