Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Been awhile

I know it's been awhile. You guys out there are just dying to know what I have been up to.

Well nothing really. Work. Now since I have quit my job really nothing. Actually this is my 1st full day without a job.

I have alot of plans to declutter. Reorganize. CLEAN.

Sounds like fun doesn't it? I can't wait. I love to clean. If I had the energy I would have a spotless house. I would have everything in it's place every second of every day.

Back to the real world. UGH. When you live with three guys that is just NOT going to happen. Oh well I have my dreams.

4th of July is right around the corner and can't wait. Every year for the past 5 yrs we camp out in moms back yard. Alot of food, swimming and just being with the family. Saturday we are going to have a talent night. Should be a blast. I just love my family. We have such a good time in moms back yard.

At the end of the month we have camp. So glad I get to go this year. I can't wait.

The 1st week in Aug we get to go on Vacation. Should be fun. I will get to add a couple more states. And the pictures I will get to take, to excited for words.

Doc (my dog) has changed so much from when I got him. He is so fun. He still has his moments when he shys away from us but not as often. I think he realizes we won't hurt him like his last family. Can't wait to see how he will react to the 4th. Hopefully it won't freak him out.

Well that about covers it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Waiting to go on Vacation.

Need a Vacation.

Can't wait for vacation.

Is it vacation time?

When do we go on Vacation?