Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Been awhile. It has been a life altering few months.
Two trips to Scottsdale, Arizona to the Mayo clinic and this is what my husband has been diagnosed with.
We were told over a year ago that it was Parkinson's. He was progressing way to fast for it to be Parkinson's, so we decided to go out on our own and find someone to help us. Dr. Evidente is the best neurologist and we would recommend him in a heart beat.
PSP is not curable or treatable and progresses rather fast. It is an older persons disease just like Parkinson's, very rare for young people to get it.
The average life span after dx is 5-9 yrs. WOW right.
So what is PSP? It is neurodegenerative brain disease. It affects nerve cells that control walking, balance, mobility, vision, speech and swallowing.
WOW right. I know.
My husband has been very courageous. He is still able to work, with alot of adjustments, walks with a walker and cane. He gets frustrated alot because the meds sometimes don't kick in. Which means no driving, stiffness and super off balance.
If alls we have together are 9 more years, they will be the best, most loving years of our lives. I will love him for the rest of my life.
I ask for prayers, for us and for the other families who are going thru the same thing.