Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fishing at the ranch

M he worked the graveyard shift. Didn't quite make it.

By the end of fishing she was casting out her own line.

H was taking the fish off the hook. She got pretty good at it. As you can see S didn't want to touch it

H taking the fish off the hook.

N playing with the bait. She made sure we knew to take care of them when we took him home.

H with the fish she took off the hook.

Playing with the container of worms.

H caught the biggest catfish of the day, with a little help from Uncle Jim. By the time she got it in she was out of breath.

David fishing.


The gang.

N holding the catfish she caught.

Uncle Jim getting the hook out of N fish.

David helping mom pull in the really big fish. I think the pole weighed more than the fish.

The guys.

S relaxing while she waits for the fish to bite.

Mom and H.

John helping S with her hook.

The gang at the Ranch

Friday, June 17, 2011

Scenery out and about and at Lemon Park

Beautiful sunset, loved the way this cloud looked.

What a wonderful way to end the day. God is great.

For you mother.

Thought this looked cool.

Sunset, love the colors.

Kansas wheat, love it when it turns and is ready for harvest. The smell of it getting cut is out of this world.

I was facing backwards in the car ( I wasn't driving) just thought I'd throw that in since I do take them when I drive. sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell.

Got lucky with this one, Mom was going really fast.

I have a better one, but this one isn't to bad.

Wonderful Kansas Wheat. Always reminds me Grandpa Atterberry.

The Gazebo at Lemon Park where Jim proposed to me 14 yrs ago.

This is for Thither. Shes a foot freak.

Boards on the bridge.

River at Lemon Park.