Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Cleo was my mom and step-dads dog and today at 10:05 a.m. Cleo was put to rest.
She was 13 yrs old and very sick.
I had the privilege to be with her till the end.
She is better off now with God.
She was a little rat terrier I believe. The only pictures I have of her are not on my computer. I will try and find one from someone and post it.
She was adorable. When they first got her she fit in one hand. She loved crawling into my step-dads overalls and setting up camp. She also loved crawling around to the back of your neck and sleeping.
My sisters (both) kids loved to dress her up in all sorts of clothes. She let them do it to. Her legs would be as stiff as a board, but she let them do anything. She loved those kids.
When the kids would come and visit she was beside herself. She had to be in the mix of things.
She loved climbing up in the chair with you and hunker down.
She will truly be missed.
I have to say Thank You to Renita and her kids. They helped me thru one of the hardest things that I have had to do. Your prayers and love were felt and received. I love you guys!


momma24 said...

Okay, SERIOUSLY. It was 'Beaches' all over again for me while I was reading this.

So not fair. ;( We will miss her too. I am sorry you had to do that alone. I love you.

Robin said...

Do you have a picture of her I can put on here?
I am sorry I made you cry.:( but as you have know for a really long time, LIFE IS NOT FAIR and if I get to cry I need to share my misery. That was a good book. Did you ever read it? Movie wasn't to bad.:}:{

Lisa said...

Poor aunt Bobby! i am so sad that you had to put her down! It makes me sad that you had to do it by yourself! I will pray that you will get through this time and see the good in it!:)

Robin said...

Thank You Lisa.
I slept all day yesterday, it hit me harder then I thought it would.