Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Craft Day

Every year the girls in the family get together and make crafts. We find things we like then make them ourselves for Christmas.
This was different. We all had big projects already going. Blanket,hats etc....
So we just decieded that is what we would work on.
We are usually pretty good about getting things done, except poor thiser since it's at her house and she has 4 young ones. We did alot of eating and horsing around.
This year she is the only one who finshed something, well the neices did.
So here is some of the 500 pictures I took. No lie. I really did take that many.


Mom and Scout

A finished project.


Scout running from Ash

Another finished project

Auntie takeling Toodles and Scout coming to the rescue


The guys doing manly things.

Sister, she did this for about 30 mins. I think she peed a little.
To find out why she was laughing histerically go to my thiser's blog. if she ever posts for that day

Thiser's hat she did finish it.

Tate and her mom

Guess what body part that is?

Dumplin and sister

Pie doing her project

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Therapy anyone?

Dad, isn't he handsome?


Harrison Ford, isn't he HOT?

My siser and I have a really hard time with this.
She called me yesterday while having lunch with our dad at Applebes. She said I have dad on one side and guess who on the other? I just started laughing knowing that Applebees has pictures of famous people on their walls. She was just thinking God she didn't notice it while she was eating. Our dad and Harrison Ford have alot of the same mannerism. We think Harrison Ford is HOT and is getting hotter as he ages.
This causes us alot of problems. We think we need therapy because we think Harrison Ford is hot and remindes us alot of our dad.
How wrong is that?
Love you siser, Just trying to help the therapy along.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

A day at the park

My beautiful siser

Trees at Lemon's park






Dumplin- Do you see how High she is?

Pie, she got just as high

Scout was having a blast

Toodles got just as high

David, We celebrated his b-day this weekend, Siser, Mom