Thursday, September 11, 2008

I could just spit.

I was going to enter a photo contest right.
So what do I do? Wait till the last day and enter. Sounds easy right?

I go to pay and my card was declined. UGH I have $$$$ in the bank. I'm so mad I could spit. So what do I do, I delete everything and I do mean everything.

When I come home for lunch I call the bank to find out what the deal is.
There was an error with the address. Easy thing to fix HAD I NOT DELETED EVERYTHING.

Again I am so mad my spit was red.
So maybe I just didn't need to enter the contest. I don't know. I'll get over it I'm sure but I have been bugging my family (all)for months to help me find just the right ones to enter

Sorry guys.

Here are the pics I chose. So enjoy. Because nobody else will see them.


Lisa said...

oh i am sorry that it did work out, that really bites!!!!! GGGGRRRRR well i do love your pics!!!

chillywilly said...

Thanks hon

momma24 said...

Oh Man! I hate it when that happens. I am sorry about that. Maybe you can find another contest?

I love the pictures and dh is thinking of using them as a screen saver!!

chillywilly said...

Ok but since they are copyrighted I do believe that gives me rights, so I think I will take $200. for both.:)
Does that sound reasonable?
I take checks or cash.
Love ya siser