Friday, September 5, 2008


Can you believe it's Sept. already?

Where has the time gone?

As a kid the time goes by so slow. Now that I am an adult the time is flying. Why is that?
What are we doing different? Does it do it so we don't notice that we are getting old at the speed of light?

Don't get me wrong I love the age I am, wouldn't have it any other way.
But what have I missed? Have I lived life to the fullest? No I have not and that is a shame.

God gave me this life to live it to the fullest. To enjoy it, treasure it, and share it. I have shared. Not alot, I am very picky with whom I share my life with. I have enjoyed life, not to the fullest by any means. Treasure it? I don't know, I damage it with the cigs, I have abused it with food, I have marked it for life with tattos and scars. Ok lets be real stretch marks. So in some aspects no. But in other ways I have treasured it. I did not give it away freely before marriage, but waited for the man that I love and married.

Would God be proud of me and who I have become? I hope so.
Would he be disapointed in me because I didn't live life to the fullest? Probably not. Don't get me wrong I am not even trying to guess what he is thinking about me. That would be to BOLD.
But I hope that he knows that I am human and can't get over the fear of trying something out of character.

Regrets? I have plenty of them. I think everybody does.
Do I think that time is going to slow down when I do live life to the fullest. NO.

Time is our enemy.
Or it could be our friend.
If it goes by at the speed of light then that just means we get to be with HIM that much faster. Right?

Live life like it is your last day on earth.


Lisa said...

AAWWW I love you Aunt Bobby!!! You are such a wonderful person and God is using you in so many ways that you don't even know. I, too, agree that time sems to get faster as you get older, but I don't mind cause I want to be with Him as soon as He allows me to be. We all have things in our lives we wish we didn't do to ourselves or to others, but those are the things that make us "US" and we can learn from those. Just stay focused on Jesus and live to share Him with others.

Heather Bird said...

Robin, I found your blog through Renitas and you will not recognize my last name. This is Heather Jensen. I loved this comment. I think all of us as we get older and more responsible find ourselves looking at our weakness and trying to make them strengths. Sounds like you found the strengths in your life. I am glad you are doing well.

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