Thursday, September 4, 2008

How do you turn your moods around?

What makes us happy?
Are you one of those people that wake up happy? Does it take you awhile to wake up and slowly move towards happy?
Do you hear your spouses voice and your happy or see the sunrise?
I think I am a happy person, very happy no. Is anyone? My mother always told us that you are in charge of your moods. I believe that totally. I choose my moods.
But....... when you wake up mad,feeling bad, scared, or whatever how do you change that mood around? What does it take?
I woke up in an ok mood. Then everything went south. The bird wouldn't shut up, there were cups sitting everywhere, bread crumbs on the counter, the toilet is leaking, the window shades were open. Small things, really small things to ruin your day.
Now I have to go to work and change my mood before I get there. How?
I have my coffe and my cigs., that will go far, NOT.
I thought about calling my sis and talk to her and the kids but that is a crutch for me. I rely on that to much. It is absolutly killing me not to call.
So I guess I just set my mind to it and do it.
So make it a great day. Find something today that makes you happy! Do something today that makes you happy!!!!


momma24 said...

You can always call me. I am sorry you are having an off day. Hopefully, it got better.


Very Pretty :)

Robin said...

So totally ME???
My day hasn't gotten any worse.

Lisa said...

Count your blessing!!! Just think about the good things in life, it really helps me cause every day seems "OFF" when I wake up!!! HA HA

Robin said...

Thanks hon, I tend to get off the mood somewhat fast. But sometimes it lingers and can't think of anything good.