Saturday, July 19, 2008

My country outing

My day in the back woods of somewhere. I can't really tell you where some of these were shot. My friend and I just sort of turned when we wanted. I think we even landed in tim buck two once. Don't really know for sure. We had a blast. We spent 4 hrs just driving aimlessly. We plan on doing it again sometime soon.

This old house

Corn Field I did not get that close. Ok I kinda did. But I watched it like a hawk. You know kids live in there. HAHAHAHA

River runs thru it.

trees in the forest or is it forest for the trees

This is Jack he is a rabbit. Or maybe it's Jack Rabbit. Who know's for sure

This is weeping willow. He cries ponds. No not rivers ponds. He is very sad

Dragon fly. Ok so he isn't flying,I didn't name him.

Red headed wood pecker. His head was not that red this morning, mom forgot to put the suncreen on. Poor thing

Pile of Poo. Yeah I know but doesn't it look cool. Anybody for a cow chip throwing contest. No? are you sure it's alot of fun.

Deer in the headlights shot. He/she didn't move for forever. Good thing I didn't have anything to shoot him with.. Oh who am I kidding, I was scared he would run and kill me.

Have a wonderful day.


momma24 said...

HEEHEE!! LOVE the captions! I will come back and read them again when I need to laugh!!

Pie says Hi!! and she loves you.:)

Robin said...

tell Pie I love her to. It was a good day.