Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

I love the 4th of July for so many reasons. We have started a tradition. It started about 4 yrs ago. We invade mom and dad's back yard. We set up tents and the pool and have a blast. We bbq and eat all the meals outside. This year David (dad) won a WII from work. So needless to say we had a tournament. It was a blast. Everybody played. We did Boxing, bowling, tennis, sceet shooting, and cow racing. Mom gave out prizes and certificates. It was great. We look forward to this. This is like a mini vacation.

Brother being luvy

Kids playing the wii looks like boxing

She did not want me to get a picture of memaw. Mom doesn't like her picture taken so n4 was helping her

She got up on the raft all by herself. TO cute

The girls posing in the pool

Brother,step dad, mom and older sister

Everybody in the pool

My beautiful mom. I think this is the 1st pic. I've gotten without her hand up to cover her face.

My very weird but fits in the family beautifully step dad.

Mom dishing out her HOMEMADE Butterfingers Ice cream. Her ice cream is to die for. We go goo-goo over it. She also made another ice cream dessert this weekend. Oh my word. It's got carmel and a crust. WOW.


momma24 said...

It was too much fun! I am going to try and catch up this weekend and I will post my pics then.

Love ya!

Robin said...

It was a great weekend. How is your sunburn? Mine is itching like crazy
Love you more

momma24 said...

Mine is almost gone and I have a little tan left. :(