Thursday, July 3, 2008

I took this as we were driving. I got lucky. I like it tho.


Anonymous said...

My pictures are made here, where I live, in Piatra Neamt (Romania).
I usually take some little trips, around my town. I had no chance to see another places, another countries. There are more interesting places in the world. Someone told me, just today, the impressions about a trip in Peru and Mexic, about the pyramids seen by aeroplane..
We had an old civilsation, in Romania, but my country is not known, in the world.
Thank for your messages. I read your blog with pleasure.

Robin said...

It's beautiful. I haven't been out of the states. I've seen a little of it but I hear there are some beautiful places.
I love visiting your blog. It makes Romania more personal to me.

Robin said...

You should check out my sisters blog.