Friday, January 25, 2008

Has anyone woken up just ready for a fight? That was me today.

My day off and I get woken up my soon to be 18 yr old lss. This week has been UGH!!!!!

Lss 1's truck, ('82 diesel) has decieded not to run. He forgot to put the additive in it that helps it not to gel and the truck is letting him know that it is not happy at all. It has been below freezing these last few wks. Seriously what was he thinking, that the truck was going to do it for it's self. I think not. His excuse is he forgot. I could have told him that I forgot how to drive and that he could walk to school. Right. I don't think kids know how to do that anymore.

Anyway. My lh's car kinda caught fire last thurs. Alot of smoke but no flames. Who knows what that was about. It's doing fine now.

I feel better now. I called my sweet sis and she totally relaxed me. She's good at that. Love Ya Sis.

Well make it a great day!

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momma24 said...

FIRE? FLAMES? SMOKE? Okay, no flames; but, why didn't you call me? Did you tell mom? HEEHEE!!