Saturday, January 26, 2008

Being lazy never pays off!!!

Good Morning

Have you ever had the feeling that you should be cleaning your house. You know that NAGGING feeling. I did not listen. I instead played on the computer. Oh sure I did a load of dishes. But pots and pans I did not.

I had talked to my Aunt the night before andasked if she was stopping by on her way home. She had been in our home town for a funeral. She says no she has a stop to make and then straight home. Cool pressure is off. While I was out at Wal-mart my lb calls and tells me she has stopped by. OH MY WORD I AM GOING TO BE SICK. I am in panic mode. I can feel my heart start to beat out of my chest!!! I get home and go thru the back door. She was at the front of my house. Thank God. My lb couldn't just stay up there he had to get up and come help me w/ my groc. Crap. My la deciedes to follow.. Man oh man (I can feel the bile rise) she is in the messy part. She told me she didn't care and that she didn't come to see my house. God love her for that. We have a good visit and she leaves. Ok that wasn't so bad. The worst is yet to be spoken of. Are you ready for this. My lb tells me she had to use the restroom and that he pointed her to ours. I AM SERIOUSLY READY TO PUKE FROM MORTIFCATION.

I have been sick for the last two weeks and just haven't gotten around to any serious cleaning. She used my restroom. (I am making myself sick just thinking about it) The trash has not been emptied the floors have not been swept, and the counter is a catch all for everything. And if that wasn't bad enough she had to walk thru my bedroom to get there. The bed was not made, clothes on the floor. I am sick, lb is getting a good kick out of this. I asked hm why he didn't let her use his. He told me w/ a smile that i could have slapped him silly for "mine wasn't clean". UGH!!

So how was your day?

Make it a good one.


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momma24 said...

Which Aunt? Why didn't know about this? I feel so left out now! ;(

Are you coming over tonight?