Sunday, November 15, 2009

Been awhile, nothing good.

I know you guys just sit on the edge of your seats just waiting for me to post. LOL
I have been a little busy and a little down.

My hubby was just officially diagnosed with Parkinson's last week. We went up to Ks City and met with DR. NO BED SIDE MANNER YOU ARE STUPID SO I MUST TALK DOWN TO YOU. UGH. (Thank you Thither and Steve for going with us).

Anywho I have been feeling sorry for myself because he is not able to work until he gets the balance thing fixed and I am the only one working. We lost our Ins. and his meds are pretty expensive.

I just can't get my mind gripped around this thing. I can't figure out how to work in another job on top of the one I have. Not in a small town anyway.

I am trying to plan for the future and the help he is going to need and can't do it.

It just makes me angry to be honest.

Anyway, Good news, I am now 100 + days smoke free.


momma24 said...

Hang in there, baby. I love you, you can come over anytime.

Beauty said...

It is ok to get mad, life isn't fair a lot of the time. You're strong and as my mom said to me, you come from good stock. Now that I read this, I kind of hated when she said that, all I wanted is to get mad and get a hug and to have someone to feel sorry for me,(well for a little while) You go girl, if you can make it on the days you have had, you can keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love m