Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things around town

I set out today with my camera to check on a spot mom and I want 4 seasons on. I thought if it was a go i would go get mom and we could snap some pics. Well The leafs aren't quite there yet. And I got a little carried away.
Today was a little cold (27) and windy to be doing this, but I had such a good and relaxing time.

Thought this looked cool. Our recycle place.

I love how all these colors are on 1 tree.

Vine going up the utility pole. I thought it looked pretty

I was just thinking how sad that I didn't see any deer and WHAM there they were. They were a ways away but you gotta love the zoom.

Old tractor. The wheels were the coolest. Well the whole thing was but liked the wheels the best.

Old barn and windmill

Pretty vine on the trees. Have to say I hate vines, they kill the trees. This looked really neat.

Ok in my defense if you look really quick at this picture it looks like a snake skin. Again got to love the zoom. However when I got home and downloaded the pics. I was a little upset. IT'S LITTER.. UGH. Find a trashcan for pete's sake

This is what fall is all about.

The river. I was so tempted to shoot the dead racoon that is laying on the bridge about 10 feet away. I didn't but how cool would that have been.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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