Monday, October 20, 2008


my hotel room

Yvonne, Matthew, Meagan

Vonne and me being normal

Entrance to the hotel

Me and the gang

I went to Dallas this last weekend for a Seminar and it was great.
I learned alot and plan on using it in the office.
I did get to see my best bud Yvonne which truly made the trip. Meagan is 11 do you see how tall she is? They are great kids. Matty is a luvy. I got all sorts of kisses.
I did learn that staying in a hotel by yourself sucks the big one.
Good trip tho.


momma24 said...

I totally would have gone with you. It is not much fun alone is it? I am glad that you got to see Vonne - I am jealous. I miss you already. :(

chillywilly said...

What would you have done for the 8 hrs I was in the seminar?
How was your trip? See any white haired children of the corn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :} I am glad you didn't get killed.:} Love you man

Beauty said...

So know where you are coming from, I don't do well by myself in a big girl I guess. M

momma24 said...

Naomi said that you doing something funny with your face! It made her giggle. :)

momma24 said...

The trip was good. I would have slept or gone swimming or watched cable. You know, here in backwards-ville we don't get no cable!

chillywilly said...

I will let you know next time and if the dr. says ok

she always makes me giggle