Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scenery, Football and dogs

 Rebecca showing her spirit

 E-man getting ready for kick off

 E-man so handsome, see his adoring fans trying to touch him?
 Doc my babydoll.  He doesn't like his picture taken.  He is trying to ignore me.
 Cricket really doesn't like his picture taken.
 Brandy does tho.
 Beautiful sunrise

 I just love the way they look.
 Ethan and his new toy from Memaw.
 Ethan, Tate and Shaney (his mommy).
 Garden Center.

Thought this was a neat picture, bless his heart for waiting on me to get the picture.

 In Rebecca's garden
 One flower.  Anybody know what it is?
Tate being Tate.

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Kenzie said...

lovely pic of tate :)
u take amazing pics love u and miss u!!!