Monday, August 23, 2010

42 yesterday

I turned 42 yesterday. I love my age and I love who I am.

But this year my age really affected me. Why?
I am feeling so old. My heart hurts, my mind is tired, my body is falling apart.

I find myself so uncontent, (is that a word?). I am sitting here wondering what I have done with my life. I hate that because I wouldn't change anything. Well except treat my body better and the ability to have babies. But if I did that aren't I second guessing God?

Is this my mid life crisis? If so it sucks.

Oh well life goes on and we just keep getting older.

Now is the time to take charge and make the most of your life. Treat yourself and others better. Love the life you have and the choices you have made.

God bless you all.


momma24 said...

I love you. I wouldn't change you either. <3

Beth said...


bigmac said...

how the years have gone by so fast... your growing yp my little girl is growing up.... i am not gowing to kry i told my self i was not gowing....