Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Diet and Gods temple

As some of you know I started a diet.
On 3-1-09 I started the Nu Lean cleanse.
It a great diet. You take a protein shake, a body cleanse and burn capsules. Then only eat cucumbers, celery and raw almonds twice a day for 2 days then you get to have a 300-400 calorie meal for 3 days, then back on the veggies. The 1st day about killed me then it got easier. You only do the diet for 7 days.
I lost 6 lbs and 12 3/4"
I haven't had a pop in 2 weeks. I haven't had any candy in 1 1/2 weeks. I walk 2to 3 miles everyday and I feel pretty darn good.
On 3-22 I do it again only this time I stop smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I get rid of the coffee for good. Ok I know that sounds extreme but If I want to be healthy it calls for extreme measures.
I don't need the cigs or the coffee. They are only causing toxins in my body. Who needs that when I breathe the air. I get enough that way.
I like the way I feel.
I like that I am doing something active to keep me alive for a long time.
I like the fact that I lost 5 1/2 inches off my huge thighs. EACH!!!
I have been told that my body is a temple and that it is on loan to me from God.
If that is true then man did I take advantage of this gift. Ugh.

We should be treating ourselves so much better then we do, Don't you think?
I am on a mission and that is to loose 100 more pounds. I need to start treating my body better. Stop destroying what God has given me and start cherishing it.
Are you treasuring what God gave you?


momma24 said...

NO C O F F E E ????? AAAGGGHHH What are we going to drink when you come to town and we go to Quiktrip? :(

Oh yeah, yay you. ;)

chillywilly said...

I don't think one coffee will hurt I just won't drink a pot of it everyday.