Sunday, November 9, 2008

Therapy anyone?

Dad, isn't he handsome?


Harrison Ford, isn't he HOT?

My siser and I have a really hard time with this.
She called me yesterday while having lunch with our dad at Applebes. She said I have dad on one side and guess who on the other? I just started laughing knowing that Applebees has pictures of famous people on their walls. She was just thinking God she didn't notice it while she was eating. Our dad and Harrison Ford have alot of the same mannerism. We think Harrison Ford is HOT and is getting hotter as he ages.
This causes us alot of problems. We think we need therapy because we think Harrison Ford is hot and remindes us alot of our dad.
How wrong is that?
Love you siser, Just trying to help the therapy along.


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Lisa said...

I was there and it was so funny as she explained it to me after she talked to you!!! lol