Thursday, May 1, 2008


When do we forgive them? How do we forgive them?
When we forgive them do we forget what they have done to us?
Do we forgive them in our hearts and minds and everything is OK? And if we do why does it creep in and break our hearts all over again.
Can you truly forgive them?
Do you just let it slide without the problem ever being resolved? Can or will you let it slide?
Do you feel guilt when the one who hurt you says I Love You and you don't say it back? How can you not love them?
She is your sister, we are taught to love and cherish them. Right?
I miss my sister. I miss our talks and staying up all night playing rummy cube. I want it back. It will never be the same again and I truly miss that. The place she had in my heart will never be filled and will never truly heal.
She broke my heart and my spirit. So how do you get passed it?
How do you truly trust a person that much again? When you finally take that chance you are hoping the whole time they don't take away the best parts of you when they leave or hurt you.
You rely on the sister that has stuck by you. You cherish that sister come hell or high waters. NO MATTER WHAT. You try and deal with the loss. You try and move on with your life. Not forgetting what you have lost but learning from it.
Aren't we suppose to forgive?


momma24 said...

Oh honey. I understand completely. I am sorry this happened at all. I have a sister shaped hole in my heart as well.

I love you. I will never leave.


Robin said...

What is the deal with making each other cry lately.
I love you to. Iam not going anywhere