Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sorry It has been so long since I posted. It has been a very ugly couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago I had the flu and cold bug. The week after my husband lands in the hosp. with intestinal blockage. He was in for 3 days. He is still not better. He went to the dr this past week and they told him they found blood in his stool and they want to do an Endo & colenoscopy. He goes the 11th of March. Mean while he is unable to work because of the pain. The best part of this is he has no ins. He just started a new job and it hasn't kicked in yet. Yeah right. We havnt gotten the bill for the hosp. stay yet, that should be fun to open. Then he got let go of his job because he was still in the probation stage at wrk. and missed to many days. Life just doesn't get any better. They did say they wld rehire him when he was able to come bck to wrk.
I know the picture does not go with my post, but I didn't think anybody wld want a picture of how I was really feeling. Right Trust me on this you really wldn't.
This morning I went to do laundry. Walked down stairs and found a flood in my basement. Our pipe that you shut the water off with had a hairline leak. Do you know what a plumber charges you to come out on a Sunday? $119. an hr. Then of cours it didn't get on our crap, it got on my lb's oh my word. It could have gotten our's because we only have crap down there. Oh no it had to get lb his whole life of stuff is down there. UGH!!!!!!!!!! When It it rains it pours.

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